Design By Frank Chou



FOND cabinet system has a fashionable appearance and meticulous attention to detail. It embodies the modern spirit of “less is more.” The design utilizes metal frames for a refined look that perfectly fits the storage space of each cabinet. It’s an intriguing piece that affords much food for thought.

SIZE:shelf : 900*400*400mm ; 1400*400*400mm ; 1800*400*400mm ; 2000*400*400mm

                         35.4*15.7*15.7" ;  55.1*15.7*15.7" ;  70.9*15.7*15.7" ;  86.6*15.7*15.7"

             cabinet : 900*290*275mm ; 1800*290*275mm

                              36.2*11.4*11.2" ;  71.7*11.4*11.2"

HC28 FOND TV Cabinet HC-B17