Design By YONOH



BEEN sofa conveys elegance with its pure lines, sophisticated detail and exquisite sitting experience. A soft, puffy design with metal legs ensures it will always be fashionable and comfortable. BEEN is an ideal sofa. Its ergonomic dimensions and abundant selection of sizes suits any home big or small. There are a variety of side tables to match the sofa. With plenty choices, BEEN sofa breaks through traditional limits, making it a beautiful seat for any room.

SIZE : 2800*950*650mm ; 3200*950*650mm ; 3050*2100*650mm ; 3650*1700*650mm ; 4050*1900*650mm ; 4050*2750*650mm ; 4450*2750*650mm ; 4050*2750*650mm ; 4450*2750*650mm

             110.2*37.4*25.6" ;  126*37.4*25.6" ;  120.1*82.7*25.6" ;  143.7*66.9*25.6" ;  159.4*74.8*25.6" ;  159.4*108.3*25.6" ;  175.2*108.3*25.6"

HC28 BEEN Sofa Sectional HC-YH17