Design By Masayuki Kurokawa


CODE : H20

The WIND tea table breaks from traditional Chinese tea tables. With its wing-shaped legs and aerial, willowy structure, it recalls the motion of a bird flying high in the sky, carried by the wind. The piece pairs together the Asian philosophy of life and the essence of nature, representing a harmonious integration of form and function.

SIZE : 1800*800*650mm ; 2100*800*650mm ; 2400*800*650mm ;2700*800*650mm ;  3000*800*650mm

            70.9*31.5*25.6" ;  82.7*31.5*25.6" ;  94.5*31.5*25.6" ;  106.3*31.5*25.6" ;  118.1*31.5*25.6"

HC28 WIND Tea Table HC-H20D-1