Design By Frank Chou


CODE : B09

The BOLD bed provides a sense of comfort and coziness thanks to voluptuous, rounded edges and a cocoon-like wingback headboard. The detail of the gold-lacquered wooden base brings an element of elegance and refinement to the bedroom. The color selection of the frame and headboard can be monochrome or bi-tonal.

SIZE : 2170*1770*1160mm ; 2170*1870*1160mm ; 2170*2070*1160mm ; 2170*2270*1160mm

            85.4*69.7*45.7" ;  85.4*73.6*45.7" ;  85.4*81.5*45.7" ;  85.4*89.4*45.7"

HC28 BOLD Bed HC-B09-1

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