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The Story of TJY. Home Life

TJY. Home Life was founded in 2010, and it is located on the Bridgeport Road in Richmond, B.C. As the exclusive agent in Canada for many well-known furniture brands, TJY. Home Life has an over 40,000 square feet luxury showroom and event venue.


The most famous brands we are carrying include HC28, Limitless, Camerich, Modart, Nobelhome, Milano & Design, Homeaddicit, and Mizoon. Our products are from Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, China and other places of origin, the furniture style covering modern, classical, neo-classical, American, rural, simple, affordable luxury and many other styles.


In 2018, we set up a 3D interior decoration design center in the east side of the exhibition hall, and established a professional team of designers to realize the “what you see is what you get” experience with new VR technology. We adhere to the concept of “design creates value” and combine high-tech services to efficiently create professional and unique design solutions for our customers.


TJY. Home Life, the best furniture shop you can trust.

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